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A Brief History of Sighthounds

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Types of Pointy Dog

With lots of different shapes and sizes what’s the best Lurcher for you?


Puppy or rescue?

Choosing a new dog, Rescue or a Puppy?  Some guidelines to help with the first few months

Health and Care

A quick look at some problems you may get.

Feeding your Sighthound

Feeding your Lurcher  to keep them happy and well

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The working dog

A very short look at the history and practice of working your dog.

Every dog owner I know thinks that their particular breed of dog is the best.
The difference with Lurcher owners is that they are right!

Tracey. Northumberland. -
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For anyone who is not quite sure what a Lurcher is, the following extract is taken from the brilliantly funny blog of writer John Linwood Grant. You can read the whole article “Lurchers for Beginners or Dog Herding the Hard Way” on his blog  greydogtales

We have recently discovered that some people do not know what a lurcher is. Such people are not well, and must be helped. Therefore the entire greydogtales workforce has abandoned its occult writing duties in order to produce a brief introduction to these noble dogs.

The most common question asked about lurchers is: Where has my dinner gone? The second most common question is: What is a lurcher, anyway? You cannot answer either of these, because your dog has mysteriously disappeared over the horizon.

Put simply, a Lurcher is a cross between:
i) a dog which runs too fast for you and chases everything (a sighthound), and
ii) a dog which runs slightly more slowly but still chases everything (a working dog).

A longdog is a cross between two sighthounds, which means you don’t have a chance. The lurcher combination produces healthy, lively dogs, and healthy, exhausted owners. The name is derived from two words:
Lurch – as in to leave someone in the lurch, ie. far behind and helpless, and
Er – as in where’s that bloody dog gone now?


These dogs have very specific dietary requirements. The lurcher diet consists of four main food groups:

  • The nice meal you spent two hours preparing.
  • Every cushion, soft toy and stuffed item in your house.
  • The squirrel sixty foot up in that oak tree.
  • Everything left out on the kitchen counter.

If none of these are available, they will eat what is in the dog bowl, but this is a last resort.

Lurcher smile
lurcher on beach Tilly


Lurchers make excellent family members, and are quite easy-going animals. Detailed planning is required, however, as you may not be able to afford both children and lurchers (see also below). Many people these days worry about aggressiveness in dogs. In general, you are more likely to bite your lurcher than it is to bite you.

The only notable exception to this is when they “play” together. This is why many lurcher owners have massive vet bills because their dogs have “had fun” by leaping ten feet in the air at each other, charging each other with teeth bared, and “amusingly” bitten each other’s noses/lips/ears during “fun” hour. The lurchers wonder what all the fuss is about. The owners wonder if they can take out a second mortgage.


You cannot afford to keep a lurcher, and you are not fit enough. Your home will be wrecked and you will have nowhere to sleep. You will have no food left. On the other hand…