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With over 40 years experience in the pet industry we have created my-lurcher.com as a website to not only give you some useful information and background on our favourite dog breed but also an online store specialising in all the best that’s available right now in the market especially for Lurchers and other sighthounds.

Fashion that actually fits!

Lurchers, Greyhounds and Whippets actually do need specialist clothing, food and accessories like collars and leads and we have sourced a range of products from all over the pet industry in the UK as well as a range of clothing manufactured in Europe where winters can be more extreme and dog clothing is considered a necessary item rather than just a fashion accessory

Feeding your dog with the best

At my-lurcher.com we have a very good knowledge of the UK pet food industry and what goes into the different high street branded dog foods. Today, dog food is a HUGE business accounting for £24bn sales just in Europe every year and dog food will be your biggest single expense over your dogs life . Most of us  want to feed our dog with the best we can afford but like the human food industry, the pet food industry has a lot of murky secrets that they don’t really want you to know about. We have only premium quality food and treats available on the store and you can be sure that anything you buy from us is good value and good for your favourite friend!

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Phil Collins


I love the coat I bought from you. It's the first one that has ever actually fit my dog!!

Greg Ross, Newcastle

What a great website for Lurcher owners! It's time we had one all about us!

Andrea Carter, Exeter

Thanks for the information on dog food. I've changed my two over to Canidae and the results are really amazing! I didn't realize what rubbish was in some of the dog foods I had tried before.

Suzi Swallow, Telford