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Communal Water bowls

By September 20, 2016health
Contagious diseases in dogs are much more commonly spread in other ways and the dangerous intestinal pathogens such as parvovirus and roundworms are spread through fecal-to-oral transmission. So these particular organisms can’t be spread from drinking from a communal water bowl unless there is fecal contamination in the bowl.
However there are other infectious diseases that are spread through the respiratory tract such as the pathogens that cause kennel cough and canine influenza  which are expelled during coughing or sneezing. So theoretically if an infected dog coughs or sneezes around the bowl, there is the potential for other dogs to be exposed to these respiratory pathogens.
Finally the the canine papilloma virus (which causes a minor, self-limiting syndrome in dogs) can spread through saliva.
So basically if your dog has a healthy immune system its pretty unlikely that they will contract a serious disease from a shared water bowl.

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