Walk Me

Like all dogs your Lurcher will need to be regularly exercised to be healthy and happy. Many people have the idea that Lurchers and greyhounds need a lot of exercise but as all Lurcher owners know, if you can find a large open space for them to stretch their legs then they can pretty much exercise themselves. Some days they are happy to just mooch along sniffing everything and other days they just go bananas, tearing around in huge circles and spinning round and round. (Zoomies!) As far as collars and leads go you must buy good quality items as your Lurcher is a hunting dog and some have very strong prey drive chasing after squirrels, rabbits and occasionally cats!. You need to be able to control your dogs at all times when they are out and about in public so don’t scrimp on the quality of your Lurcher collar and lead and they will last you a lifetime. It’s worth considering a harness if you have a very strong dog..