Da Vinci Collars

Lurcher collars Da Vinci Snake
We have been looking around for a couple of years to find the absolute best fashion design collars for Sighthounds and the Da Vinci company ticks all the boxes. Beautifully designed and hand made in Italy of the finest leather, these collars come in a range of stunning designs from “Fake Snake” through to simulated Ostrich and Suede with Rhinestones. If you are looking for the most beautiful “dress” collar for your Lurcher or Whippet then the traditional Sighthound collar’s for you! For really big lurchers and greyhounds the broad band collar comes in a range of really big sizes. OK they are expensive but they are beautifully made with real quality components and there is something for all Sighthounds from tiny Italian Greyhounds and Whippets through to big Lurchers and Greyhounds. Check our size chart and measuring video.

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