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Rabbit Pie

By September 8, 2016Sighthounds
Tilly and rabbit
It’s always a bit traumatic when one of my dogs gets a rabbit and at this time of year the late summer sunshine and all the food around makes this years youngsters a bit slow. Tilly in particular has a very strong prey drive and while most of the time she’s just that lazy lurcher fast asleep on the couch, when she’s out and she senses there are rabbits nearby she makes her transformation from Jekyll to Hyde. I don’t encourage her and usually avoid the well known local rabbit runs but we were tempted in by this seasons crop of blackberries.
Its all a bit distressing but equally all over in a flash. Lurchers are supreme rabbiters; its what they do and at six Tilly is a pro and still very fast.  It makes them what they are and we must forgive them the odd atrocity! Just look how pleased she is to bring me a present!



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